How To Downgrade Firefox 5 To Firefox 4

Mozilla finally released Firefox 5 on it’s web site today but it’s been available unofficially through the FTP channels for the past couple of days. Even though there are not many new features in Firefox 5, many of us would like to install the latest version for being up to date with the cutting edge web browser.

If you upgraded to Firefox 5 and found few of your favourite Firefox plugins are disabled as they are not compatible with the new version here is what you need to downgrade it to Firefox 4.

Downgrading to Firefox 4 is simple, you just need to get the latest installer and run it. Here are detailed instructions:

1. Point your web browser to the FTP servers of Mozilla that hosts the latest version of Firefox 4. Here are the links to various various OS flavours of Firefox: Windows 32 Bit, Apple Mac, Linux – i686 or Linux – x86 64 Bit.

2.  Then navigate to the desired language (direct links for Firefox Windows UK & USA English versions)

3.  Download the setup file

4. Start downgrading by launching the installer. The installer will automatically downgrade Firefox 5 to Firefox 4.

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  1. Another way to go is to take apart the add-on.
    They are named as .XPI files, but they are actually .ZIP’s.
    It isn’t difficult to figure out how to alter the version requirements.

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