iPhone/iPad: Get Alerts When Paid Apps Go Free

iPhone users has thousands of cool applications to choose. These apps are either paid or absolutely free. Many of the paid applications goes free for either a limited time or forever depending on the mood of their developers. Will it not be cool to get alerts whenever a paid app goes free? Yeah, it will be great.

Free App Alert is a handy website that checks iTunes store regularly and sends alerts to it’s subscribers about the apps that have gone from paid to free. You can receive the alerts by following them on twitter, facebook or subscribing to the traditional RSS feeds(yeah RSS is a traditional technology).


The home page of this website shows the apps that have gone free today and you can browse through the previous day free apps listing with the help of links available at the bottom.

Free App Alert is definitely a cool site to check out for iPhone/iPod/iPad users and certainly easier than scrolling through iTunes store and checking prices.

Tip: Immediately download the app that have gone from paid to free as many apps are free for limited time. You can see many free apps going back to paid version if you go through the previous pages the website.

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