Use Your Web Browser As A Calculator

Quite often most of us require Calculator application to evaluate percentage calculations, divisions,etc. Whenever I needed a calculator application I launch Windows Calculator application as it’s built into each and every version of Windows I use.  But the moment I learn that almost all the web browsers have a built in calculator, I stopped using Windows Calculator. 

Google Search Box – Every Browser’s Built In Calculator

Google Search Box is the built in calculator of every web browser. The search box is capable of evaluation simple expressions like 20/50+10 as well as complex arithmetic formulas that include functions like sin, cos, tan,etc.

Almost every web browser has Google Search box by default, if not you can install it very quickly. In Google Chrome browser, Google Search box is built in right inside the address bar. In Firefox & Internet Explorer you can locate it on the top right corner.


To perform calculations, why to launch Calculator when we have a web browser open on our desktop most of the time?

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