Skype Available As Free Download For iPhone Users

Skype_Logo Once again there is news for all the iPhone users. Stay in touch with all your Skype friends though your iPhone.Skype recently announced a free application for Apple’s iPhone which allows the iPhone users to contact their friends and relatives.

Skype For iPhoneBut none of the reviews as far as I read till today are interesting and most of it speaks about the flaws that the application has. That’s why, its just news and not good news. All the Skype contacts are seemed to appear in a well organized way. To place a Skype call, we just have to select the contact and hit call or chat button.

You can use this Skype from iPhone only when you have access to Wi-Fi. Otherwise if you are in a cellular coverage area and don’t have access to Wi-Fi, then you can just chat with your Skype contacts as calls are not supported under these limitations. Skype doesn’t support making calls over 3G network. Using Skype, we cannot initiate conference calls rather we can be part of the conference calls initiated by someone else. If you want to receive any incoming calls in Skype through your iPhone, you need to sign-in to Skype and cannot indulge in any other activities like message or browse. Always the application needs to be active. This is considered to be the most disadvantageous situation as its blocking us from doing other activities. Skype in iPhone doesn’t support video call as how it’s supported over web.

Download Skype for iPhone from iTunes AppStore

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