How To Identify And Remove Conficker Virus From Your Computer

Conficker is one of the most dangerous virus threats that we have seen.  Right now it is spreading to millions of computers across the globe and it is expected to explode on April 1st. 

What harm this virus do?

Well if you ask “What harm does this virus do?”. There is no answer to this question. The bad guys who created this virus never triggered the switch of Conficker and it is just spreading to millions of PCs and sleeping. Don’t mistake that it is going to just sleep and keep quite. In fact the virus is waiting for the commands from it’s bosses and ready to do anything. Anything means?? – It may play a April fool  prank, simply steal all your personal information, totally vanish all the files on your computers or anything that is possible to do by a computer software. It all depends on what commands are Conficker going to receive when it is trigger. That’s scary right?

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NY Times says

Speculation about Conficker’s purpose ranges from the benign – an April Fool’s Day prank – to far darker notions. One likely possibility is that the program will be used in the “rent-a-computer-crook” business, something that has been tried previously by the computer underground. Just like offers computing time on its network for rent, the Conficker team might rent access to its “network” for nefarious purposes like spamming.

When is this virus expected to activate?

This virus is expected to activate or receive commands from its boss on April 1st. So it is just couple of days time go.

How many computers are affected so far?

So far 12 million computers are affected around the world. But the it is tough to find out the exact number of affected computers as the virus is spreading rapidly also it is been disinfected by many anti-virus software.

How to identify and remove Conficker from infected computers?

Even though this worm/virus looks scary the good news is that it is possible to detect and remove using various free tools provided by security experts at Microsoft, McAfee, Norton and other major anti-virus providers. Here are the links to download free Conficker virus/worm removal tools

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  1. Webroot Security immediately got rid of it. I tried malwarebytes, and other methods of trying to fix this problem & nothing. Just google webroot & download the trial. It’s worth subscribing to. AND this will NOT be blocked, many of the tool removal sites are blocked due to the virus.

  2. I have a virus in my website www salesrain dot com,how to remove the virus.when i am typing the word “salesrain” in google, it shows ” the site may harm your computer”.I haved scanned the website lot of times but there is no virus.some problem is there,how can i identify the virus.please help me.

  3. man your article sucks go and get a life … you wasted my time… get a better antivirus and stop writing foolish articles such as this..

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