Your finger prints may unlock your iPhone and it’s digital wallets

The next version of iPhone is going to have a biometric sensor which may allow your finger prints to authenticate and authorize – unlock the device, sign in to an account, authorize a credit card transaction, etc . The iOS 7 beta 4 released couple of days ago had many traces of biometric software libraries embedded in the OS and they make it pretty clear that Apple is preparing a new iPhone with finger sensor.


Biometric sensors are not something new in digital devices. Most of us have been already using them on your laptops to unlock the computers as well as to launch applications. Though these sensors are available in many devices, they are hardly reliable. My personal laptop has a biometric sensor and half of the time either it does not work or it does not recognize my finger prints. When works, it works like a charm and very easy to unlock my device.

But Apple is known for delivering great products by nailing down technical challenges and blending technology with beautiful user interfaces.  They had been doing when Steve Jobs was leading the pack and hope his legacy will be carried forward by Tim Cook by delivering amazing products in coming months.  I expect iPhone finger sensors to work flawlessly.

Photo credit: flickr/nettsu

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