Out of the box Google Adsense supports Responsive Websites and it’s very easy to use

Today we launched a redesigned version of coziie.com with responsive design support – now the website sports an uniform look and feel across all devices. The layout of the website automatically adjusts depending on the resolution of the device from which you are browsing and eliminates ugly zoom in/outs required for navigation. To see the site in action, navigate to cozzie.com on your smartphone or tablet and you will love the consistent and clear layout.

Recent release of Responsive Ads from Google Adsense came very handy as I’m able to straight away use the Adsense code on new responsive layout without any hacks. Though the responsive ads are in Beta, they worked flawlessly when I tested on various devices with different layouts & resolution.  It’s very easy to create a responsive ad unit and they work out of the box on most of the websites. I embedded the ads on coziie.com by just copy pasting the script generated by Adsense and never required to tweak it.

To generate responsive ad code follow these steps

  1. Login Google Adsense
  2. Navigate to My ads and click on New ad unit
  3. Select Ad size as Responsive ad unit and set other options as you would for a regular ad
  4. That’s all your Responsive ad unit code is ready to embed


If you wish to modify the generated Adsense code, you can do it but keep in mind to comply with Google Adsense policies. For more details head over to Google’s Inside Adsense blog.

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