Check If Your Favourite Mac App Is Compatible With Lion OS

mac_osx_lionApple released Mac OS X Lion recently and tech pundits are praising it as a next generation OS required to match desktops experience with iPhones & iPads. Apple has done a fantastic job in overhauling user interface of Lion OS.  Anyone can upgrade their Mac to OS X Lion for just $29.99 dollars from Mac App Store.

Before upgrading a Mac from Snow Leopard to Lion, it’s always good to check if all the favourite applications works on Lion OS. This will avoid post-upgrade surprises and well in finding alternate apps.

Roaring Apps is a crowd sourced application compatibility database that lets you know whether a Snow Leopard application runs on Lion OS or not. The database organised in an  is easy to navigate layout and you can filter the application compatibility list with various options provided on screen.


The database is listed in a table format with information like – name of the application,version, developer, website address of the developer and compatibility status icon. A green tick icon is shown next to all the applications that are fully compatible and the ones that have issues are sported with different icons like yellow exclamations, red cross marks, etc. depending on the severity of their compatibility issues.

Roaring Apps compatibility database

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