Get Google+ Notification On Your Desktop With G+ Notifier App

Google+ is a new social networking website from Google and it’s has grown to 20+ millions users in a very short time. Google+ users gets notification of their friends social activities instantly as long as they are on web and browsing any one of the Google owned sites. Thanks to the Black Navigation bar introduced by Google across on all it sites. The navigation bar displays Google+ notifications in the top right corner.

What about getting Google+ notifications when  you are not browsing or not on any one of the Google owned websites?

Try G+ Notifier app for Microsoft Windows. G+ Notifier is tiny Windows application that displays Google+ activity stream information right inside the system notification area. Once the application is installed, it shows a small icon in System Tray and displays count of unread Google+ activity notifications. Clicking on this icon reveals Google+ activity stream very similar to how Google displays Google+ activity. Here is a screen grab of the app in action

Get_Google _notifications_on_desktop

So if you are a Google+ fan and want to get notifications right inside your Windows notification area try this free application.

Download G+ Notifier App For Windows

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