Do Blogging On The Fly Using ScribeFire[Firefox Addon]

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ScribeFire is a light weight Firefox add-on which makes the blogger life easy.This on the fly blog editor makes sure you don’t miss a single post from next time onwards.

This can be also used as one of the best alternate tool for Widows live writer, which normally needs installation process.Its not always possible to have access to this kind of set up, basically if your a traveling person or need to access your blog through proxy servers.

But luckily we have a full featured blog editor available wich provides a most convenient way of blogging from anywhere and anytime.

What is ScribeFire?

ScribeFire is one of the popular blog editor available as as a Firefox addon to your browser.It integrates well with the browser and provides all the blogging capabilities within the browser.Once you provide your blog login details to this tool, posting,retrieving, setting post categories can be done in much faster than usual.

What We Like Most?

Zamanta Plugin

The most striking feature of this editor is built in Zamanta plugin.This smart plugin automatically enchances your blog post with high quality and related images, related articles and automatic links.

Drag & Drop

This is one the most useful feature we like in the ScribeFire.Just drag and drop any content from any web page that you want and it immediately adds to your post!

Rich Editing
  1. Unlike WordPress editors, uploads images is done in a flash.
  2. Searching and adding any YouTube video is much easier than usual.
  3. Source editing, live preview,custom Html tags support,post splitter, auto saving.
  4. Blog promoting  by submitting to social networking sites like Digg and Facebook.

What We Dislike?

  1. One of the major problem with this tool is its inability to remember the blog’s own spacing for text lines.
  2. You can only access your last 10 posts and save unpublished drafts as notes, but you cannot insert tables like in Live Writer.
  3. You Need to open up your browser always to compose any posts.
  4. No support for retrieving existing tags.

All in all we like this blog editor as an alternative to the WLW and its is rich features provided through this small add-on.

Happy blogging to everyone, and do share your experiences with us through comments!!

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  1. Scribefire seems to be promising blog editor from your words but I am haapy customer of Windowslive writer ,i may not switch from it to other .

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