IconFinder – Excellent Search Engine To Download High Quality Free Icons

If you are a designer or a developer then you should be definitely aware of the royal pain of searching quality Icons. Google is good at searching images and icons but we have to toil a lot to find the right ones.

In Google we don’t have much options for specifying required icons size and especially filtering the results with legally free to use icons. Here comes IconFinder to rescue us by providing an excellent search engine exclusively for searching icons.

IconFinder’s user interface is excellent, quality of icons located by it is dazzling and the options available to filter required icons is awesome. Totally its one of the best search engines to find free icons. When I hit a search query for favorites icon, here are the results presented on screen.


Try it yourself and it will not disappoint you (ex: home icons, computer icons, twitter).

Available Formats To Download

Downloads are available in two formats – PNG and ICO. You can choose the format which ever is appropriate to you and download it.

Can I Use The Icon for Free?

Yes, most of them are free to downloads and use in commercial ways. Guys who are providing icons at this website are quite generous. Most of them allows us to download and use the icons by just providing a back link to them(i think that is the minimal thing which they can expect from us). And few icons are available for personal use alone.

So carefully read the license associated with the required icons and use them appropriately.


Visit iconfnder.net

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