How To Upgrade Your WordPress Blog To WordPress 2.7

WordPress few days ago upgraded the  popular blogging software to version 2.7. When WordPress 2.6 is released, I did not upgrade Tech Dreams blog as the new features of v2.6 are not so exciting. But this time I could not resist upgrading the blog to 2.7 as the new features list of v2.7 is amazing(if you are not aware of the new features of WordPress 2.7 watch the video embedded in the post below).

WordPress LogoI love the WordPress software for its simple installation process and now for its simple upgrading process too. Today, for the first time ever I upgraded WordPress package installed on our blogs: Tech Dreams and Tech Dreams Good Times. It took just 10 minutes to complete the entire process.

Being first time experience in upgrading a WordPress blog, I anticipated few hiccups during the process. But thanks to the developers at WordPress, you guys made the entire upgrade process very simple and damn easy.

WordPress has posted an excellent step by step guide on how to upgrade. Here I’m going to explain the entire process very briefly

  1. Download the latest WordPress package from here and extract the files on your computer
  2. Take backup of your blog database and your blog files(instructions over here)
  3. Login to WordPress admin panel and disable all the plugins
  4. Delete all the old files in the wp-includes and wp-admin directories of your server
  5. Copy the new WordPress files extracted in the step to your server
  6. Open your WordPress admin panel by pointing your browser to /wp-admin of your blog; WordPress prompts to you to perform database upgrade. Click on the Upgrade button
  7. That’s all. Your blog is upgraded to the latest version.
  8. Now activate all the plug-ins that are disabled in the step 3 and start exploring the new features of WordPress 2.7.

Here is a video demo of new features of WordPress 2.7

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