How To Get Notification When You Receive A New GMail Message

Do you often login to your GMail inbox to check whether any new emails arrived or not? If you are wasting time constantly monitoring your mail box then read this article.

Well, here is the perfect answer to this issue and it also saves us the time in opening up a browser to check the Gmail messages.

Gmail Notifier is a free tool and developed by none other than Google itself.It displays an icon in the system tray and provides us the little text snippet whenever we have new Gmail message.

GMail Notifier - Alerts you when a new GMail message mail arrives

This free application provides the following exciting features:

  • Automatically checks for new messages every two minutes and alerts if there is any new message.
  • Show snippet of mail messages up to 30 unread messages
  • Makes Gmail your default email application
  • Select a sound to indicate when you have new mail

The only disappointment with the application is, it is not compatible with Windows Vista! It works only on Windows XP and Windows 200.

Download GMail Notifier For Windows XP & Windows 2000

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  2. I have used the notifier tools in the past, but the confidence to put my Gmail account details on a 3rd party plugins seems to be security risk.

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