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WordPress Launches – URL Shortening Service For WordPress.Com Blogs

how to get your ex back

3402955869_5c79c8c7ef_bWordPress has launched a new URL shortening service called exclusively for the blogs hosted on This service is just another url shortening service and not intended to compete with any of the popular services like,

This service makes life of users very easy by automatically assigning a short url to the every blog and blog post. So from now onwards all users does not need to look for any url shortening service when they need to their blog posts on twitter.

One of my favorite blogs hosted on is how to get your ex back

ref=””> and it's short url is  That's a cool url right??

In a blog post, WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg says:

  • is the only two-letter .me domain in the world.
  • Every blog and post on has a URL now.
  • These are all exposed in the using rel=shortlink.
  • It doesn't work for any URL in the world, just ones.
  • The links are permanent, they will work as long as is around.
  • is spam-free, because we are constantly monitoring and removing spam from

Image credit: flickr/chrisdlugosz


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