5 Free Online Services To Convert PDF Files To Microsoft Word Files

PDF is one of the most popular document format in which we exchange documents everyday – Utility bills, bank statements, salary statements, service application forms and the list goes on. PDF is part of our digital life.

At times we may want to convert PDF to Microsoft Word documents as it is easy to edit a Word document compared to PDF file.


In the past we covered windows applications that convert PDF files to Word documents. As these applications require installation, many of us may not have rights to install applications at office. How about a web convertor that does not require any installation? Yeah, that will be great.

In this post we are going to present you free online services that convert PDF files to MS Word files easily

1. PDFOnline

pdf_online_convert_pdf_files_to_ms_word_files PDFOnline is a free online convertor that quickly converts a PDF file to Word document.

This service is my personal favorite out of all the services listed in the post – The simplicity in using the application and the speed at which it converts makes it to stand out in the list.

You can convert the files in three easy steps:

  1. Browse and select the pdf file using Choose File button
  2. Click on Upload and Convert button. wait for a while.
  3. Download the converted MS Word by right clicking on the link right click here
  4. That's it.


That's very easy right?

2. PDF To Word

PDFtoWord is another free service to convert PDF files to MS Word files. It works as good as PDFOnline but you should enter email id to receive the converted files. To convert  the files upload the PDF file, enter an email address and click on Convert button. In few minutes time you will receive the converted document as an email from PDF to Word in the form of an attachment.

As promised by the website, you should receive the converted document in a  mail within few minutes. When I tried it took 3 minutes to receive the mail.


The design of the website is very clean, attractive and the conversion speeds are good. Unlike PDFOnline service that converts PDF to RTF, PDFtoWord is capable of converting PDF to either DOC or RTF formats.

The only thing I don't like with this site is sharing of e-mail address as most of us are concerned about privacy and spam mails.

3. PDF Converter

PDF Converter is another free PDF to Word converter with an unique feature – ability to read & convert password protected PDF files. If you have a password protected PDF file that needs to be converted to Word, this is the service you should use. While uploading the PDF file for conversion, you can input the password required for unlocking the PDF.This service also requires you to enter email address to receive the converted file

4. Free PDF to Word

This service is for geeks who would like to take full control on the PDF to MS Word conversion process. To covert a PDF to Word using this service you should go through a 6 step wizard process that ask you to choose various options like output file layout, images settings, table data conversion, headers & footers and compression options.

For a simple conversion services proves as too much but if you would like to get fine grain control on the output of the Word file you can use this service.

5. ZamZar

This is my least favorite service for converting the PDF files to Word as there are too much ads on the service. Ads are very flashy and pop ups and snapped on face when we try to click on the page.

This is the list of services which we tried and found useful for free online conversion of PDF to Word files. Did we miss any of your service? What is your favorite service? Let us hear through comments.

4 thoughts on “5 Free Online Services To Convert PDF Files To Microsoft Word Files”

  1. @Ron,
    The smartpdfcreator app you pointed in the comments looks like leaves a water mark in all the converted documents. But there are many free apps/services that does not leave watermarks.

  2. For converting back to PDF I’d recommend smartpdfcreator.com
    It is a quick and easy to use program and they have a completely free version that does not expire.

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