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1 Reason Why I Downgraded Firefox 3.5 To Firefox 3.0 On My Work PC

Firefox_256_newCouple of days ago I wrote about the five reason why we should download and install the latest version of Firefox, version 3.5. I upgraded browser on personal laptop to Firefox 3.5 and the browsing experience is more fun than ever.

As there is lot of value addition in the new version, I upgraded Firefox at work place too.  All the fun with the new browser ended when I saw a flashing message showing Firebug plugin is not compatible with the new version of Firefox. I extensively use Firebug for web development and without that web development came to stand still. I was left with no option other than downgrading Firefox 3.5 to 3.0.

The next version of Firebug is compatible with Firefox 3.5 but still it is beta stage. So till a stable version of Firebug is available, I can’t upgrade to Firefox 3.5.

How to downgrade Firefox 3.5 to Firefox 3.0

For any reason if you are interested in downgrading Firefox 3.5 to Firefox 3.0 here are the steps to be followed:

  1. Download the latest release of Firefox 3.0(3.0.14) from Mozilla FTP Servers
  2. Just run the installer, it will automatically downgrade your Firefox to version 3.0

The downgrade process is very smooth and it retained all the settings of my profile.