Jailbreak iPhone 3GS

iphone3gsTo jailbreak an iPhone 3GS is extremely simple. Download and run a software written by George Hotz. Whom you will recall to be the original iPhone hacker who unlocked the phone. 

This software will enable you to install third-party software that Apple does not like [not approved from Apple’s App Store]. There is only a Windows version available for the jailbreak, Mac version is coming soon.

Steps to jail break is given as follows :

  1. You need a Windows PC [Does not work with windows 7]
  2. Download and install the  latest iTunes
  3. Download purplera1n and run purplera1n [You will see a windows icon, click that to download the software to jailbreak]
  4. Test your patience –  Wait
  5. Run Freeze
  6. Reboot the iPhone

You have successfully JailBroke the iPhone now :)

Note:  Cydia doesn’t display after running Freeze, make sure you reboot.


[Image credit: http://www.purplera1n.com/]

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