How To Get Chrome Style Startup Page In Firefox Browser

One of the controversial and highly useful features in Google Chrome browser is it’s home page that displays thumbnails of most visited web pages.

Even though most of us consider this feature as a privacy concern, it is very helpful on personal computers with exclusive access. At times I prefer to use Chrome instead of Firefox because of this feature. But not anymore as it’s possible to get Chrome style startup page in Firefox browser too!!


Installing Google Toolbar 5

To get Chrome style startup page in Firefox we need to Install Google Toolbar 5 from here. After installing the toolbar, whenever you open a new tab page instead of the blank white page, you will instead see small thumbnails of your favorite sites (up to 9), as well as recently-closed and bookmarked pages based on your browser history. That’s is just Google Chrome but there is a catch!

Configuring Firefox Home Page

The default setup of Google Toolbar displays web page thumbnails on the new tab page, not for the home page as it does in Google Chrome. To fix that, set home page of Firefox to:



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