Sing a Song About Bing And Win 500$

bing_logo Bing search engine is something Microsoft can be proud these days. Everything is going right since its introduction of Bing- we saw high profile launch, thumbs up from tech pundits, shock waves across the Google campus(they formed a team to decode Bing), integration of tweets in search results, launch of awesome twitter search engine and very effective advertising campaign.

Bing team is continuing this momentum and now they introduced a new competition that anyone can participate and win 500$. All you need to do is to sing a song about Bing (no more than 5 minutes long) and upload it Bing’s YouTube account before July 31. The winner will be awarded with 500$.

Check this video of Bing’s interns announcing the contest

For more details about the competition read Bing Jingle contest announcement

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