How To Restore RSS Icon In Firefox 4

While blogs are debating whether RSS is dead or still used by masses, Mozilla removed RSS icon from Firefox 4 to save real estate of it’s minimalistic browser design. One of the Firefox developers says that less than 3% of users used RSS icon in the prior versions and they decided to hide the RSS icon in Firefox 4.

Being one among those 3% of users, I’m addicted to RSS and Google Reader is my primary source to catch up with latest news and blog posts. Without RSS icon it’s tough to use Firefox 4. But luckily it’s easy to restore RSS icon in Firefox 4 .

Restore Built-in RSS Icon

firefox_4_with_builtin_rss_iconBy default Firefox 4 hides the RSS icon and it can be restored easily by right clicking on the tool bar, select Customize option and drag and drop the subscribe icon(RSS icon) to the desired location on the tool bar.

Add RSS Icon To Awesombar With Add-on

firefox_4_rss_icon_in_awesomebarIn the earlier version of Firefox we had RSS icon as part of the Awesombar. In Firefox 4 if you want to have RSS icon inside Awesombar you need to install the RSS Icon In Awesombar add-on.

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