The Story Of Firefox, Rather The Story Of Beautiful Internet We Have Today

Even though Internet was born in the early 90’s, the beautiful era of Internet started with the release of Firefox web browser. When the web browsing experience was haunted by Internet Explorer 6, a small group of developers formed an open source & non-profit organisation called Mozilla and developed the awesome web browser Firefox.  Firefox radically changed the standards of web and enhanced user experience like never before. The beautiful web today we have is because of Firefox and there is no doubt about it. Here is a video on the history of Firefox

But with the release of Google Chrome, Firefox lost its charm and many of the Firefox loyal users switched to slick and speedy Chrome browser. Recently Chrome market share overtook Firefox on computers and on the mobile front Firefox share is almost negligible. There is also a rumoured news that Firefox’s major cash cow, Google Search Partnership revenue, is going to end. Well that is rumour and not yet confirmed. We have to wait and see how the future of Firefox is going to unfold.

Thanks vijay for the video tip

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