Google Tips For Designing Mobile Friendly Websites

mobile_friendly_websitesWith the rapid growth of smartphones and tablets adoption, internet access on mobile devices is growing very rapidly. As the mobile users are growing leaps and bounds, every webmaster should make sure that their website is mobile friendly.

To design a mobile friendly website Google posted few useful tips few days ago and here are those 10 quick tips

  1. Keep it quick – Design your site to load fast and make copy easy to scan
  2. Simplify navigation – Create clear navigation and search functionalities
  3. Be thumb-friendly – Design your site so any size hand can easily interact with it
  4. Design for visibility – Make it easy for your customers to read
  5. Make it accessible – Mobile sites should work across all mobile devices
  6. Make it easy to convert – Create clear ways for your users to make purchases or contact you
  7. Make it local – Consumers look for local info on their phones all the time
  8. Make it seamless – Convert as much of the functionality of your desktop site to mobile
  9. Use mobile site redirects – Ensure that visitors who visit your website from a mobile device are redirected to your mobile-friendly site
  10. Listen, learn and iterate – Make testing and optimization an ongoing process

WordPress Plugin For Mobile Friendly Blogs

Here is a bonus tip if you are running a WordPress blog. It’s very easy to setup a mobile friendly site for your WordPress blog. All you need to do is to install the free WPTouch plug-in and like a magic your blog will be mobile friendly. Tech Dreams uses WPTouch and you view the demo of this plugin by visiting on your mobile.

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