Why Firefox 4 Tabs Are On Top? [Video]

The latest beta release of Firefox 4 have tabs on top design that places the browser tabs above the URL bar. Firefox is not the first browser to have this design, Google Chrome and Opera have tabs on top for a long time.
Have you ever wonder why tabs are moved top of the window? If you are technical guy or an user interface designer who likes to know the advantages of having tabs on top, here is a video released by Firefox UI team explaining the advantages.

For a common user it looks like a fancy thing to have tabs on top, but when we dig the details of usability and nice features offered by tabs on top it’s amazing. May be we should credit Google for introducing tabs on top design in web browsers.

Hello IE, where are you? Do you have any time to play at least catch up with any of these modern browsers? I open you once in a week or so just to access an old website that refuses to load in Firefox or Chrome. Wake up IE Team. Otherwise you’ll sleep for ever.

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