Easily Tweak Firefox 4 Button To Fit It Better In Windows 7

The Firefox button that replaces menu bar in Windows 7 by default is very handy to access common menu items. But the distracting color and placement does not look cool. Also it occupies unnecessary space by sitting on top of the tabs.

Guys at Download Squad managed to tweak and style it properly so that it does not occupy much of space as well as color of it does not distract us. Here is the screen grab of Firefox 4 Beta browser button before and after the tweak.


The trick to apply a piece of CSS code into the file userChrome.css, for properly placing it as well as changing the color of the button. The step by step instructions required available here and location of  userChrome.css is generally found in the subdirectories of your Firefox 4 profile(ex: C:\Users\Gopi\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\)

Remove Firefox 4.0’s big, ugly, unmovable orange button [ Download Squad]

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