Windows 8: Is Internet Explorer10 Metro mode disabled? Here is the fix.

Are you having issues with Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8? Is Internet Explorer 10 application not launching in Metro mode and always launching in Desktop mode? Continue reading the post to understand and fix the problem.

When Internet Explorer 10 does not launch in Metro mode?

On Windows 8 when Internet Explorer is launched from Start screen it launches in Metro UI mode and when launched from Desktop it launches in traditional desktop UI mode. But when Internet Explorer  is not set as default browser, Windows 8 always launches Internet Explorer in Desktop mode irrespective of whether its launched from Start screen or Desktop. This generally happens when we install the browsers Firefox or Chrome and set them as default browser.

How to restore Internet Explorer 10 Metro mode?

The problem can be resolved by setting Internet Explorer 10 as the default web browser in Windows 8. But setting default web browser in Windows 8 is a bit tricky as there is no option available Options screen of  of Internet Explorer. To set Internet Explorer 10 as the default web browser follow these steps

1. Go to Start screen of Windows 8 and search for Default Programs app by typing Default using keyboard.


2. Click on the link Set your default programs


3. Choose Internet Explorer on the left section of the screen(pointer 1) and then click on the option Set this program as default available at the bottom right section(pointer 2)


4. That’s it. Now Internet Explorer is set as default web browser and from now onwards you will be able to launch Metro UI based Internet Explorer from Start screen

3 thoughts on “Windows 8: Is Internet Explorer10 Metro mode disabled? Here is the fix.”

  1. Here’s how I fixed it on mine. In IE in desktop mode click the gears in the upper right part of the program and click internet options, then go to the tab ‘programs’ then the first option show be run IE as: Let IE chose, Run IE desktop, or Run IE… chose the 1st or 3rd choice.

    1. Can you please check if your default browser in Metro and Desktop is set to IE? Which browser is launching when you click a link in Metro App(try People and click on any link) and Desktop (open MS word, type a link and click it)?

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