Spell check web pages using Firefox plugin

free_spell_checker_for_firefoxHaving spelling mistakes on a website degrades customer experience by many times. Developers and website content creators spend good amount of time in going through the content manually to make sure that there are no spelling mistakes. At times few mistakes slip in as manual process is error prone.

There are few web services and tool available in the market which provide automated spell checking services but they have certain limitations like – high fees to use the service, limitation on the number of pages they scan for errors, privacy issues, etc. What about a free tool that runs locally on your PC and spell checks unlimited web pages?

Here comes Spell Checker extension for  Firefox web browser. This free Firefox extension is developed by  Gaurang, a Software Test Engineer based out in India. Once the extension is installed it adds a new context menu “Check Spelling” and a small icon to Add-On bar. To check spellings of a web page just click on the icon or the context menu and it will highlight all the errors on the page.

By default SpellChecker extension uses US English dictionary to find spell mistakes and supports spell checking in other languages with installation of dictionaries.

Download SpellChecker Extension for Firefox. Spell check dictionaries:  US-English , GB English and  Australian English

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