3 websites to find Chennai city bus and train information

Lack of online information for public transportation  is one of the main reasons to lose our interest from using it.The main aim of these website is to make this information  available online which helps commuters, particularly those new to the city.



Started by a group of enthusiastic engineering students in Chennai, busroutes.in is designed very beautifully with a simple layout.The Map feature is very unique and covers each and every part of the city layout.

The special bus services like AC Volvo information is also arranged under separate categories. There are also planning to include train and share auto information to this site.


Article in Hindu Newspaper about Busroute.in

Twitter: @busroutesin



MetroCommute.in is also focussed on providing details of public transport options within the city.Its has collected unique information like frequency of the bus and train services for the particular routes.

MetroCommute.in is a venture of Sahasvat, which specializes in SaaS (Software as a Service) application.



This is an official website for the Metropolitan Transport Corporation of Chennai (MTC). Here we can get information like total journey time of the route and fare details.


In the way forward for this post, we are planning to gather similar websites for all the other cities in India.

Please share your favourite websites for public transport thru comments.

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