Free Windows 7 Antivirus Apps, Google Indic Trick, Intel Slashes Prices, Pay Your BSNL Bills Online[Recap]

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Download Free Anti-Virus Software For Windows 7 Beta

Good news for the folks who are trying out the Windows 7 beta operating system. Microsoft actively worked with the security software providers and managed to get security software that are compatible with Windows 7 Beta.

Trick To Use Google Indic Transliteration Service In C#, Java, PHP and Other Programming Languages

Google Indic Transliteration is yet another innovative service from Google. It allows users to type in English and transliterate(note that this is not same as not translation) the text to any of the supported Indian languages – Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam

Google Apps Reduces Free Accounts From 200 to 50 Quietly

Google Apps, a suite of free application like GMail, Google Calendar, Google Sites, Google Docs, etc that are packaged for the business use,  has reduced the number of free accounts from 200 to 50

Buy intel chips now, price cut up to 48 percent

It was offical on Sunday that Intel decided to cut prices on its processors line up starting from the latest Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Duo, Pentium dual-core, Celeron to even server chip Xeon. There is no direct comment as to why the price cut has been had made.

View & Pay Your BSNL Mobile, Telephone and Broadband Bills Online Through The Official Website

BSNL introduced online bill payment service for paying your mobile, landline, WLL and broadband monthly bills.To pay the bills all you need to do is to “locate the BSNL website of your region” and signup for a free account

Pay Your Electricity Bills Online – Chennai EB Launches Online Bill Payment System

A great new year gift for residents of Chennai, as there is no need to stand in a long queues for paying the power bills.The ‘Q’ is almost dead now with the launch of first ever electric bill online service in the state.

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