Blackberry storm makes users silent with bugs

blackberrystorm-customResearch In Motion's much hyped touch-screen phone the Blackberry storm was supposed to take on iPHONE by storm, it failed a bit (but very not badly)  despite the 500,000 shipping the first month of its release. It is reported that the phone is supposed to have lots of bugs in software and hardware glitches.

The biggest complaint of all is the touch-screen keyboard. We would really have to press the screen a bit hard to type a character. It was advertised initially that this would be the key feature because it would still give the user the nomal feeling of typing in the traditional blackberry keyboard. Guess it was proved otherwise.

Other component that makes this device good is the accelerometer. It is proving to be a bit sluggish. for example if you turn the screen it would have to move to landscape mode, sometimes it proves ineffective and a bit slow. Did blackberry get the product to the market before its actually “Ready for commercial production?”

The first obvious reason that could come to everyone's mind is that blackberry had to get a new phone out

soon to compete with the iPHONE. Its reported that blackberry had already started working on this project before iPHONE was even launched one and half years ago. Apple still lacks things that make it complete business phone. Its still miles to go. Apple did something very intelligent with it released the first touch phone. It did not put too many things in it. Devise just brought out the best it can with a touch screen phone. Afterwards it did work on many features that are important to make it a business phone. It had time to make things on the phone.

Unfortunately for blackberry, its is already a true business phone. There is nothing to compromize on it. There was so much of work to be done to compete with iPHONE. Therefore it has to be cool touch screen phone also the best in business class phone at the same time. This could be a reason for such bugs and hardware problems on the phone.

Software update was released December to fix many of the bugs. I guess its understood that initial software problems are part of a new smart-phones. Lets also remember that Apple had to release a major bug fixed version of software for iPhone 3G.

Blackberry is supposed to be working on a feature that will allow users to type on a full keypad while the phone is in portrait mode. Currently, users a shrunk and half swollen keypad in portrait mode.

2 thoughts on “Blackberry storm makes users silent with bugs”

  1. BlackBerry is a very strong and fine business phone. Yes, sometimes it’s may work on 80% instead of 100, but BB is still the most near competitor for iPhone 3G and Nokia. And developers working hardly to make new models withy powerful options…
    I am personally think, that they will take more than 20% of the market in the nearest time.

  2. I have no idea what you’re talking about. I got my storm with no bugs and the keyboard rocks.
    And my accelerometer isn’t sluggish at all. It responds immediately.

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