See how your website looks on Internet Explorer 8

netrendererI am sure there are lots of downloads of Internet Explorer 8 and its true the world is yet to move to Internet Explorer 8. One still has to make sure that our websites are viewable on the same. I am pretty sure that Internet Explorer 8 will be running soon in most of the computers. Before we get into any discussion whether functionally/technically/do we need Internet Explorer 8 ? ; lets just take a moment to check how our site looks in Internet Explorer.
Good news: You don’t need to have Internet Explorer 8 installed in your PC!
The service that offers a preview of  a website in Internet Explorer 8 is
What the site does is, it takes the URL of the web site, it users the Internet Explorer 8 rendering engine, renders the site and saves it as an images and displays it to the user. It has also got support to other flavors of Internet Explorer. I guess its important of blogger/website developers/others who own web page to have a look at the how their site will look in Internet Explorer 8.


So all you have to do it type the URL of the website (eg. in a text box and click to proceed.
This is how your favourite website looked when it got renders in Internet Explorer 8.


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  3. Nice piece of information.

    I use for checking browser compatibility. It has a huge list of browsers to test; free of cost; no sign-up required.

    Only pain would be will have to wait for 3 to 30 minutes based on the traffic.

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