Difference Between A Stone & iPhone – Touch!! [Geek Fun]

I spotted this funny comparison of Stone with iPhone at Yahoo Meme. The designer of this picture seems to be really pissed off with some features that are not available in iPhone 3G. Even though iPhone is more superior than any other smart phone available in the market, this comparison makes us think about some essential features that are missing in iPhone. Anyway, this is a good Geek Fun entry!


5 thoughts on “Difference Between A Stone & iPhone – Touch!! [Geek Fun]”

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  2. LOL :)

    Yahoo Meme : This is not the right place for this quesitton. However, as I found Meme in the post I am asking :).

    Are there any way to get invitation to Yahoo Meme. Can you shed some light to get this Meme.

    Just curious to experience.

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