The Best Formula To Increase Google Page Rank [Geek Fun]

It is been quite a long time since I posted articles on Geek Fun(check out old articles here). hmm.not bcoz of any specific reason, but somehow I did not pick any geek fun articles. Today while digging, I came across a this funny picture and thought of sharing with you all.


That’s funny right? Also this shows how tough to find out what is Google Page Rank formula. Google PR formula is one of the mysterious and complex formula and virtually not many people are able to understand and gamble the system. That is why Google is still the No. 1 in search. Don’t you agree with me?

10 thoughts on “The Best Formula To Increase Google Page Rank [Geek Fun]”

  1. @Gopinath
    you are right its very difficult to understand how Google caluculates Page rank,what about how alexa calucualting traffic rank is it easy to understand?

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