Put Your Photograph on the Cover Page of Popular Magazines

Ever had a wish to see your photo on the cover page of popular magazines? We know that only celebrities get this chance. But now with the help of a MagMyPic web site anyone can create a fake cover page with their picture on popular magazines.

Here is a cover page i created with a cute girl’s photo found on flickr(cc image) and it took only 2 minutes to create it.


Lets see how you can also create fake cover pages like this:

1. Go to http://www.magmypic.com/

2. Upload the picture you wanted to see on cover page using “Choose File” option available in the right section of the page


3. After the file is uploaded, choose the preferred cover page from the available list. Optionally you can tweak the picture by moving it by panning the photograph, enlarge and shrink it using buttons available below the picture.


4. That’s it. You are done. Just click Save and Continue button to see your picture on the cover page. You can download it to your PC or share it with your friends using twitter and other social networking sites using the onscreen options.

Note: The cover pages you are creating on the site are publicly available for other to view. So make sure that you are not going to upload any embarrassing photos :)

Visit http://www.magmypic.com

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