Bing Introduces Voice Search, Amazon Kindle Goes Global and Facebook Tests Home Page Redesign


Here are some quick snippets about the latest happenings in the technology world.

Bing introduces voice search feature that allows user to search the web by speaking the search queries instead of typing them. This feature is very useful  for mobile users who find it tough to use the mini keyboards to type text. This feature is new to Bing but not to the search engine users as Google has feature for many years. Microsoft once again proved that it’s always good at copying others ideas.

Amazon Kindle opened up its arms to embrace the global users and also slashed the price. Soon the device will be available in more than 100 countries across the globe. It’s nice to hear that now everyone will get chance to read ebooks very conveniently. Lets hope that Amazon will not eat home work of any students.

Facebook is reportedly testing a new user interface of it’s home page. Few blogs has managed to grab the screenshots of the new design and the reviewers opinion are positive.

After few weeks of calmness rumors about the new Apple Tablet are back!. This time the rumors are about the manufacturer of Apple Tablet – Foxconn. We can neither trust these rumors nor deny them.

DoubleTwist + Amazon MP3 Store = One More Reason to Ditch iTunes = some good news for those who are looking for iTunes alternative

cc image credit: flickr

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