Visualization Of Traveler’s Tweets – It’s Cool!

Twitter So you know what is twitter is used for? Twitter is insanely popular. It is used in countless ways and the information available in the form 140 characters of tweets is invaluable.

Jer Thorp mined the tweets saying “Just landed in” and “Just arrived in” over 4 hours and made a nice animation mapping the people travel in the Twittersphere. Watch the cool video below and you will really appreciate the work.

Jer Thorp says:

The idea is simple: Find tweets that contain this phrase[just landed in, just arrived], parse out the location they’d just landed in, along with the home location they list on their Twitter profile, and use this to map out travel in the Twittersphere

If you are interested in the details of how tweets are harnessed and the APIs used to extract the data from the tweets, read Jer Thorp’s article here

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