Leaked Retail Box Designs of Windows 7

A Polish Windows 7 fan site CentrumXP.Pl got hold of leaked images of Windows 7 retail boxes. There was lot of debate on the authenticity of the images as its very easy for anyone to Photoshop them.

But Long Zheng, a well know and highly reputed blogger who regularly covers Microsoft and its products, has confirmed that these image are authenticate.


Long Zheng says

The leaked images posted yesterday on CentrumXP.pl portraying to be the Windows 7 retail box art and packaging are indeed real. The undeniable evidence ironically comes from no other than Microsoft employees, on a Facebook group they’ve set up.

The group “Windows Lounge” is a private Facebook group reserved for Microsoft employees to learn and discuss Windows 7. Understandably, the group admins have uploaded a banner to formalize the group but probably did not realize that even non-group-members can too see the image. An image that gave a little too much away.



More pictures at CentrumXP.Pl

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