Analysis of $CLUB Token Trade Volume on Uniswap

Our goal is to answer the question: What is the liquidity of the CLUB token on decentralized exchanges? Examine the trade volume on Uniswap, which is the largest trade? Does that trade significantly change the value of the tokens in the pool?

What is Seedclub?

Seed Club is a hub for the communities that are involved with Web3. The club was initially created as a decentralized autonomous organization. Currently, it is a community of creators, mentors, and operators that is growing. Many of today’s leading social initiatives were created by this pioneering organization, and now it remains the brainchild behind many more community-based adoption programs.

The Seed Club accelerator program has successfully completed three cohorts more than a year after it launched. The accelerator program is organized into cohorts of companies. In Web3, a cohort is a group of leaders who meet weekly to learn how to set up in-house web3 services through best practices. During the cohort meetings, industry leaders will present a series of presentations and resources on how to start a community token. Every year, Seed Club holds four cohorts. Each cohort, which lasts 6-8 weeks, includes 15 projects that are tokenized.

Seed Club is governed by the local community.One of the main goals of $CLUB is to attract talented individuals to work on Seed Club projects. As a result of $CLUB, the world’s smartest people can come together in one place.

How to Get $CLUB Tokens and Their Purpose?

The Seed Club ecosystem allows contributors to earn $CLUB for their value-added participation.You can earn $CLUB tokens for any project you submit to Seed Club. Instead of expanding the cohort size, $CLUB will be used to select which projects will qualify for the next round through a curation mechanism.

$CLUB is distributed to mentors and projects according to a set amount each cohort. By using web3 tools, Seed Club will allocate tokens and mentors across both working groups, giving priority to token-launching projects and mentors who will implement those tokens.In Seed Club, $CLUB serves as the coordination mechanism for key contributors.

The distribution of $CLUB is as follows , can see from the below given tweet.

Liquidity Of The CLUB Token And Trade Volume Of CLUB/ETH Pool

Below is a chart showing the number of users who are swapped on a CLUB/ETH pool daily. Maximum Users of 13 were observed on February 8, 2022, and minimum Users of 1 were observed on January 20, 2022.As time passes, the number of users has decreased.

May be by the launch of Accelator Cohort 4, there we can see from the tweet.

According to this graph , on February 8th, 2022, there is a maximum swap volume for this particular pool. Cohort 4 might have been launched at that time.There is a decreasing trend in swap volume. The maximum swap volume was observed on February 8, 2022 with $77.67K

This is the Liquidity of CLUB/ETH Pool on a daily basis.  The maximum TVL was recorded in January 26, 2022, while the minimum was recorded in January 3, 2022. This indicates a downward trend for TVL.

In the graph below, we can see how many swaps there are each day on CLUB/ETH Pool. Maximum swaps were observed in February 8, 2022, and minimum swaps in January 20, 2022. The swap trend is decreasing.

From the below graph we can see the top10 swaps by swapped amount on CLUB/ETH pool. Overall, swapped amounts of the top ten accounts were $115.11K. Over 50% of swapped amount was occupied by the top three swapped accounts.

On the heat map above, we can see the amount of CLUB tokens that were swapped on a specific day of the week.


From the above analysis,

  • The total TVL between January 3 and March 13 was $1.42M.
  • If we look at the trade volume on Uniswap, that means from CLUB/ETH Pool the largest trade volume was observed on February 8, 2022 with $77.67K.It is possible that Cohort 4 was launched at that time. This makes the volume for that particular period a high one. Clearly, the trade has significantly changed the value of the tokens in the pool.

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