CLUB Tokens Received by Members on Seedclub

In this article, we are interested in finding out how many members have joined Seedclub? Furthermore, how many projects have launched successfully and received CLUB tokens?

What is Seedclub?

Seed Club is a hub for the communities that are involved with Web3. The club was initially created as a decentralized autonomous organization. Currently, it is a community of creators, mentors, and operators that is growing. Many of today’s leading social initiatives were created by this pioneering organization, and now it remains the brainchild behind many more community-based adoption programs.

The Seed Club accelerator program has successfully completed three cohorts more than a year after it launched. The accelerator program is organized into cohorts of companies. In Web3, a cohort is a group of leaders who meet weekly to learn how to set up in-house web3 services through best practices. During the cohort meetings, industry leaders will present a series of presentations and resources on how to start a community token. Every year, Seed Club holds four cohorts. Each cohort, which lasts 6-8 weeks, includes 15 projects that are tokenized.

Analysis Of New Users Growth On Seedclub

Graph below shows the daily new members’ growth since January 1, 2022, and their cumulative growth over the same period. The total number of users from January 1, 2022 to March 14, 2022 was 638. Maximum Users of 202 were observed in January 1, 2022, and minimum Users of 1 were observed in February 5, 2022. There is a downward trend in users.According to the graph below, we can see the number of new users initially was higher than 200, but gradually it has been reduced. We can see again on Jan 22,2022 that there was a surge of new users and gradually it is declining.

As part of participation in a cohort, projects join the Seed Club ecosystem and exchange tokens for $CLUB, stored in a Community Treasury. In accordance with the below tweet, we can consider that more users have been added on this basis and now is your chance to show up in the community .

Below is a graph showing the growth of new users on a weekly basis . Trends show a decrease in users. Moreover, the growth of users has almost come down from 202 to 139 in just one week.

By looking at the graph below, we can see who is the top seedclub member and how many CLUB tokens they have. Out of the total CLUB tokens, more than 85% of them were issued to 2 Wallets only. There were a total of 9.88M CLUB membership tokens and only one user had almost 5.67M of them. 

We can see from the above graph that many CLUB tokens were occupied by a very small number of people. There were only 2 wallets holding more than 85% of the CLUB tokens.

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