Distribution Of Different Blockchain Swaps On The Thorchain

As part of this article, we will discuss how THORChain’s swap size distribution differs by chain.

As of we know about THORchain, which allows users to trade cryptoassets across different blockchains without going through centralized, custodial intermediaries, or being restricted to only one blockchain. Assets such as BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, and BNB can be traded natively on THORchain.

In this article, we’d like to explore the distribution of average swapped amounts on various Blockchains.Each distribution is categorized by their average swapped amount and by their Transactions that originate from different blockchains.

Distribution Of Swapped Amounts Chain-wise

THORchain’s swaps size and its distribution can be seen below for each blockchain. In Binance , we can see that the swapped amounts for the $100000+ category are higher in comparison with the other categories.But we can only see $500K + categories in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Only on THORchain can you see $1M+ category.

Litcoin has more swaps in the $10K+ category. Thorchain is dominated by the $1M and $500K+ categories.

Distribution Of Transactions Chain-wise

Here is a graph depicting how the distribution of transactions are generated by various blockchains. According to information on Binance, there is a significant number of transactions that occur under the $100+ category, followed by $1000+.

In Bitcoin and Ethereum ,more transactions take place under the category of $10K+, followed by the $1000+ category.

Over half of the transactions for Litcoin are in the $100+ range.

Over 50% of transactions on THORchain and Bitcoin Cash were in the $1000+ category.

Heat Maps

In the below graph the THORchain only having a $1M+ category swaps .BCH has the lowest Swapped Amount and BNB has the highest Swapped Amount.In comparison with other categories, the contribution of $1000 + Category is higher.

More than three quarters of total transactions were handled by BNB Blockchain.On BCH, the lowest Transactions are recorded, while on BNB, the highest Transactions are recorded.

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