THORChain Handled The Most Swaps In A Minute

Aim of this article is , to find the highest number of swaps THORChain has handled in a single minute? What is the highest number of swaps in a single minute broken down by each day?

Swaps on the THORchain

Assets on linked chains or assets connected to the network can be swapped. Users can swap any asset from any connected chain or asset to any other asset on the network, or to RUNE, if they want to.

The idea behind THORChain liquidity pools is that swaps are possible by combining assets deposited by liquidity providers into one pool. For example, a pool may consist of Bitcoin and RUNE, THORChain’s own asset.These pools are referred to as Continuous Liquidity Pools, since RUNE, which is in each one, links them all together to create a continuous liquidity network.

THORChain swaps 2 belongings between two pools every time a user swaps 2 assets. Swap to RUNE in the first pool,move the RUNE into the second pool, and swap to the desired asset in the second pool with the RUNE from the second pool. This swap is handled by the THORChain state machine all at once, so RUNE is never handled by the user.

1. What is the highest number of swaps in a single minute/day? For Past 6 Months

By looking at the below graph, we can see on which minute per day the most swaps were made. Additionally, we can observe that more than 60 swaps occurred on some days and at a particular minute.There were a lot of highest swaps within a day and also within a minute. A lot of them fell into 30-40 and 40-50 (TPS)transactions per second range.

2. In a minute, THORChain handled the biggest number of swaps

Here is a list of the top 20 largest swaps from the past 6 months, as well as the minute that the highest swaps were made on those dates.

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