Analysis Of Mints Through Metaplex’s Candy Machine

The Metaplex is a set of tools, smart contracts, and other features designed to help users create and launch Non-Financial Transactions (NFTs). We plan to eventually extend our NFT to support all use-cases, particularly those in the arts and entertainment industry.Markets, games, arts, and collectibles can all benefit from Metaplex, the fastest and most affordable NFT ecosystem.

Metaplex currently is working on two major projects, and they are:

  • Metaplex Storefront is a generalized NFT standard
  • Candy Machine v2TM – a tool to display profile pictures (PFPs). It works like old-fashioned gumball machines

It is well known that Metaplex is an open-source protocol that allows you to create and mint NFTs that can be used across wallets and other applications with a standardized format. Solana NFTs are essentially based on this architecture. The purpose of this article is to examine how many NFTs were minted during the past week. The number of NFTs minted per week since the beginning of December. As well as analyze the growth of unique purchasers over time. See what percentage of mints are purchased via Metaplex’s Candy Machine in this time period.

Using the dashboard below, we can see how many NFTs were minted over the past week, as well as the number of purchasers over the same period, as well as the total minted volume (SOL).

From the below graph we can see the number of NFTs have been minted per week since Dec 2021. Here we can see during Jan 24,2022 the highest NFT mints .A maximum total mints of $299.36K was recorded in January 24, 2022. Total mints are on a downward trend .

In the graph below, you can see the volume of NFTs minted on a weekly basis since December of 2021. We can initially see that there is a greater volume of mints and then, as time goes on, we can see a gradual decline in the minted volume. The maximum minted volume was reached again on March 21, 2022.

Here we can see the average mint price in SOL on weekly basis. March 21, 2022 marked the maximum Avg Mint Price (sol) of 11.01K 

On a weekly basis, there is not much more purchasers than there were in January 2022 if we compare the weekly figures. Furthermore, we can see the number of purchasers increasing since Jan 2022 onward, which is due to the release of a new version of Candy Machine on Metaplex. According to the below tweet, Candy Machine V2 Launch on Metaplex has been launched.

On the graph below, we can see an increase in unique purchasers since December 1st 2021. At first, we can see that unique purchasers are growing. Later, this began to decline. Additionally, there were more unique purchasers in the second week of January than the previous week. However, the growth of unique purchasers gradually declined.

In the above analysis, we can see that the total volume of NFTs on Metaplex is decreasing as well as the total number of NFTs minted. Initially, the number of unique buyers was increasing on this market. Later, this number began to decline. Furthermore, there were more unique purchasers in the second week of January than the week before. I believe this is due to the launch of the Candy Machine V2 on January 20, 2022. Hence, after the release of Candy Machine V2, we can see a noticeable increase in the amount of mints and minted volume. We noticed this on March 21,2022. 

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