The Trend of Amount Borrowed & Deposited To Anchor Protocol

Lets us explore the trend of amount deposited and borrowed from Anchor Protocol on Terra Blockchain. The following chart shows the net amount (deposited amount – borrowed amount) change daily. Also the chart shows the 100 days moving average. One good sign is, the 100 day moving average is going through an exponential growth since Oct 2021. It’s good for Anchor Protocol, Terra and UST!

The following chart shows the average amount deposited per transaction. In the last 9 months the average amount deposited per transaction increased by almost 3X! Is it due to the magic spells? Abracadabra!!

How about average amount borrowed per transactions ? Compared to amount of money deposited per transaction, average borrowed amount per transaction is growing at slower pace. Its growth in the past 9 months is around 2X!

The following screen grab from also confirms that deposits into Anchor Protocol are 2.5 times more than the borrowed amount. The 20% stable yield of Anchor Protocol is too good to leave it on table. Crypto users are aping into Anchor and depositing their stable coins. All these sings points to only one thing – LUNA to The Moon!

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