How Much Money Sushiswap Whales Are Spending On Ethereum Gas?

Lets us explore behaviour of SushiSwap whales, top 10 liquidity provider, in this post to understand how much liquidity they are providing as well as how much gas are spending on Sushiswap with various operations they are carrying out.

The following chart shows the median amount of liquidity provided to Sushiswap whales. The median amount of liquidity rose with 2021 defi boom and reached its peak during end of March 2021. Since then the median liquidity provided by the whales is slowly decreasing. The current median liquidity provided by Sushiswap whales is at it lowest in the past 300 days.

How about the amount of money spent on Ethereum Gas by these Sushiswap whales? The top 10 whales collectively spent around 365,000 USD on Ethereum Gas Fees since early September 2020. The amount of gas spent on Sushiswap transactions by these whales appears in two clusters. The first cluster between Jan 2021-May 2021 and second cluster starting Sept 2021. Though the liquidity provided by whales is decreasing for the past few months, the Gas Fees is staying consistently high. This could be attributed to the high gas fees on Ethereum network.

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