Are you worried about ETH gas cost to transfer MATIC to Polygon? Get free MATIC tokens to explore Polygon blockchain

Are you planning to start exploring Polygon-based Defi platforms like Aave, Quickswap, 1Inch and Curve but you don’t have MATIC tokens? Here are few ways to acquire MATIC tokens directly on the Polygon network without incurring expensive Ethereum gas cost.

Get 0.001 MATIC by connecting your wallet to Matic Network

  1. Go to
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Wait a few minutes and check your wallet.
  4. Tada! You should see 0.0001 MATIC deposited to your account. It’s free MATIC for you!

Get 0.0005 MATIC from Polygon Faucet

  1. Go to
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Solve the captcha and follow on-screen instructions to receive 0.0005 MATIC for FREE. 

Reach out to Polygon Support on Discord to get some MATIC

Polygon’s developers and support team members are very active on their Discord channel. You can reach out to the good folks at and explain your situation. They will be glad to offer you a small amount of MATIC to get started.

Note: When you are on Discord(or social networks like Reddit) please be aware of scammers. Anyone who reaches out to you directly through DMs offering help or free MATIC, please be careful. There are a lot scammers out there. If anyone ask you to share anything other than your wallet’s public address stay away from them.

What you should not do after acquiring free MATIC

Please don’t burn all MATIC you acquired before you figure out how to earn or swap MATIC. Especially avoid any operations that require a lot of gas and empties your wallet. Some Defi apps like Instadapp consume a lot of gas. Start using gas-guzzling apps after figuring out how to earn more MATIC

How to earn more MATIC tokens?

Once you acquire free MATIC tokens required for Gas, here are few ways to accumulate more MATIC tokens required for future use 

  1. Deposit money on Aave/Curve and earn MATIC rewards 
  2. Use Quickswap to swap any of your ERC20 tokens to MATIC

Please help others by giving back some MATIC

Free MATIC is provided by the community to help you get started on the Polygon network. The MATIC you acquired with these options is good enough to perform several dozens of Defi transactions like lending, swapping, and borrowing. Once you are MATIC rich, please help others by giving back to the MATIC faucet. Head over to and check the instructions on the screen to give back to the community. 

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