Mints that regrows tooth enamel are in clinical trails. Results are expected in 3 months.

Researchers at University of Washington, Seattle has developed a breath mints similar to Tic-Tac and Altidos that can regrow tooth enamel. If every goes well, we may be able to buy mints in store and consuming them regrows tooth enamel and whitens teeth.

Each lozenge deposits several micrometers of new enamel on the teeth via the peptide, which is engineered to bind to the damaged enamel to repair it while not affecting the mouth’s soft tissue. The new layer also integrates with dentin, the living tissue underneath the tooth’s surface. Two lozenges a day can rebuild enamel, while one a day can maintain a healthy layer. The lozenge – which can be used like a mint – is expected to be safe for use by adults and children alike.

In addition to mints, researchers are also developing a gel that treats hypersensitivity. You can read more about it over here

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