Correlation between participants in the Levana Meteor Shower and their Lunatic score

In this article, we seek to determine if there is any correlation between buyers and participants in the Levana Meteor Shower, as well as their LUNATIC degen score?

Levana Meteor Shower

As part of the Levana Protocol, Terra will have access to a decentralized exchange (DEX) with leveraged trading capabilities.Leverage Trading is now possible on the Terra Blockchain, which offers users a wide range of Leverage Assets and Leverage Tokens, as well as Perpetual and Option Trading.

The Levana Meteors are NFTs that people are able to obtain by donating UST. The UST will then be used to buy LUNA2x through the Levana Protocol.The 16.5% of UST contributed to the LUNA2x Pool will go toward funding the artists and creators behind the NFTs, while 83.5% will go toward buying LUNA for the LUNA2x Pool.Participants will receive a Levana Meteor NFT instead of their UST contributions during the meteor shower.

For Levana Meteors, the minimum contribution is set at 8 UT. As the meteor shower will last 44 hours, all will be able to take part. 202 dragon eggs will be dropped every hour.An individual who diligently accumulated 44 Levana Meteors (single wallet address) could possibly hold up to 44 dragon eggs. There are 8,888 Levana dragon eggs in total.

For Example,Here’s how the Levana Meteor Shower is distributed to 1000 people:

  • Legendary Meteors (top 10 – 100% chance to be able to get a Legendary Dragon Egg)
  • Ancient Meteors [(next ~9%) represents 1000*0.89=89 ]- 30% of chances to receive Ancient Dragon Eggs)
  • A Rare Dragon Egg can be obtained by collecting only 22.5% of the rare meteors (1000*.223=223) – 61% of the chances.
  • Common Meteors (remaining participants(1000-322)=678 — chance of obtaining 101 Common Dragon Eggs).

Levana Meteor Shower Participant’s UST Distribution and Lunatic Score – How are they related?

All Scores have deposited a total of 3.98M in UST.More than 25% of Total Sum Deposited In UST was composed of the top three scores (27,2,30) and more than 50% was composed of the top eight scores (27,2,30,24,18,7,29,4).UST’s lowest total deposit is 14.16K (with which the Lunatic score is 1), while its highest total deposit is 552.43K (Lunatic score is 27).

Below is a graph showing the average UST deposits within the Levana Meteor Shower according to Lunatic Score.The participants with a lunatic score of 29 show they have contributed more average deposits in UST.

Here we can also see the number of participants in the Levana Meteor Shower and their Lunatic Score.The total number of participants across all scores is 49.97K.The Top 3 Scores accounted for 27.64% of total Wallets, and the Top 7 Scores accounted for over half (51.08%).There we can see in the low number of participants category, there are 255 (with score 1), while in the high number of participants category, there are 5.18K (with score 27).

Using the graph below, we can see the number of participants hourly, as well as the lunatic score group that is participating the most during that hour.A maximum of 23,830 wallets were observed on November 9, 2021, and a minimum of 1,656 wallets were observed on November 7, 2021.The wallet with lunatic score 25 was participated in last hour, as can be seen here.


  • Levana brings the benefits of leverage tokens to the table in a decentralized manner. Levana Tokens will allow users to take advantage of price movement in a more profitable way.
  • If you receive Levana meteors, you can trade them in any future Terra NFT marketplace, hold them for future meteor cracking, or crack them to potentially uncover dragon eggs. Approximately two weeks after the Levana Meteor shower, cracking will be available.As long as the meteors do not contain dragon eggs, they will give Meteor Dust, which can be used for future purposes.

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