Distribution Of ENS Airdrop Claimed Tokens

In this dashboard we aim to discuss about the average amount of ENS claimed from the airdrop? Create a histogram that shows claim size distribution.

ENS Airdrop

The ENS team announced their governance token $ENS on November 8 and they airdropped 25% of it is 100 million total $ENS tokens to the ENS users. Here is the breakdown of how 100 million ENS tokens are distributed

  • 25% airdrop to .ETH holders (>137k accounts)
  • 25% to ENS contributors (>100 individuals and groups, plus hundreds of Discord users)
  • 50% to the DAO community treasury

Users who are or have been registrants of a .ETH second-level domain will be eligible to receive 25% of the total supply allocated for the $ENS airdrop. According to the distribution, the total time of past and future registrations for the address as of October 31st, 2021 is considered.

Distribution of ENS Claimed Tokens

As one of the most important airdrops of this year, the ENS Airdrop caught a lot of attention.As a result of a lot of media coverage and social media chatter, the ENS price fluctuated significantly on distributed exchanges. Now let’s examine the average amount of ENS claimed by considering the airdrops in a bucket sizes.

This charts shows the distribution of ENS claimed tokens by bucketed size. Among the owners who claimed ENS airdrop tokens, 20.5K claimed between 50 and 100 tokens.Total Owners across all Token Buckets is 93.99K. The majority of owners claimed airdrop tokens between 0 and 500 (i.e.,0-50,50-100,100-150,… 450-500 and so on). After that we see that very few users claimed more than 500 airdrop tokens.The top 2 (50-100 and 100-150) token buckets accounted for 40.12% of all Owners. Those owners who claimed ENS airdrops were mostly in these two buckets.

The below graph gives us the percentile of average tokens claimed by buckets.Approximately 27.51% of all tokens claimed came from the top six(700-750,900-950,950-1000,1000-1050,1050-1100 and 1100-1150) buckets of tokens. There were 66.08 tokens claimed in the lowest percentile (0-50) and 99.01 tokens claimed in the highest percentile (1100-1150), a 50% difference. The lowest total Owners are 19 (1050-1100) and the highest total Owners are 20,493 (50-100). This means that a greater number of users are claiming tokens between 50-100.


ENS is one of the key utility components from Ethereum network that provides simplicity to accessing wallets as well as allowing logins to decentralized. ENS’s airdrop is one of the high profile and most prominent airdrops of 2021. It is interesting to note that almost 40% of ENS Owners are claiming zero to 150 airdrop tokens. However, if we look at the percentiles, the average ENS tokens claimed by owners are mostly 1100 to 1150 tokens.

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