How Many ENS Domains Are Registered By Users?

The purpose of this article is to explore how many wallets have multiple domains and Are holders more likely to have just one domain or multiple domains?

We know that with ENS we can have a different set of benefits, such as if you’ve ever had trouble sending cryptocurrencies because of multiple addresses you will understand the need for ENS.This makes using ENS easier because users can convert long numbers into easy-to-remember words. As a result, user errors are reduced.

Additionally, ENS domain owners can make subdomains, which they can use to assign other data to. This data need not always be a wallet address—it could be smart contract data, transaction metadata, or even metadata.

One more benefit to consider is the fact that a single user of ENS can also have multiple domains. In this article, we are primarily focused on multiple domains of users.  And also on, whether there are more users of single domain or multiple domain.

The graph below shows how many users have ENS domains and their total number of domains. There are 179.46K total users.

All ENS users with more than one domain (multiple domains) can be found here. There are total of 45.26K. Domains with two or three users have more users.

The below graph shows the ENS users who have only one domain. The total of single domain users are 134.2K.

According to the above analysis, many ENS users are using multiple domains. Although the ENS offers multiple user domains, single domain users dominate them. In other words, the single domain users are almost three times as many as the multiple domain users.Due to the cost of the ENS domain, this might be happening.

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