Holder Distribution For The Forefront


The purpose of this article is to create a histogram of token ownership amounts in order to understand the proportion of token owners that buy tokens in order to gain access to tiers.

In the “Forefront” explorers can create new tokenized communities at the frontier of web3. Through literacy, tribe, and tools, we aim to empower and serve the Web3 world builders of tomorrow. From the below tweet we can see a second season of Forefront was came finally.

It’s finally here, the next season of Forefront. Daos are difficult, we have faced them in Forefront’s first season. Nevertheless, it is precisely by working through those challenges that the community becomes one worth defending. The goal of Front is to foster and enhance the well-being of the people in our community, and every action we take is geared toward achieving that goal. Season two will support tokenized community members to do their best work.

Token ownership amounts are shown here to understand the proportion of token holders that buy tokens to gain access to these tiers. What is the most common distribution of token amounts are distributed for owners. In the graph below we can see how the tokens were distributed among the owners, with most of them getting less than 1000 tokens. Here we can see that 81.94% of the owners had less than 1000 tokens.  Observing the below graph we can see that of the total owners, a very small number, like less than 100, are distributed by tokens between ‘1 and 10 million’, and for the tokens between ‘500k to 1 million’, also less than 100 owners are distributed.

By looking at the above histogram, we are able to understand how many token holders purchased tokens to provide access to these tiers. Furthermore, we can see what the most common token amounts are. According to this data, 113.10K owners own less than 1000 tokens. In other words, more than 80% of owners have fewer than 1000 tokens. The next 22.25K owners will possess between 1K and 10K tokens. Only a very small number of people possess more than 1Million or more than 10Million tokens.

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