Forefront Curators

Forefront brings together like-minded community members to collaborate, curate, and cover a variety of social tokens and decentralized autonomous organizations. They cover a total of 21 tokens including its own token as well as popular social tokens such as Bankless DAO and Friends With Benefits. 

As a prerequisite to participating in Forefront’s curation process, an entry pass of 1000 FF tokens is required. Any person with 1000 FF tokens, which cost about 1200$ as I write this post, is eligible to join as a curator and contribute to the curation process.Let us explore the growth of Forefront’s curators using the Flipside Crypto data warehouse in this post. 

Forefront started 2022 with two hundred and twenty found curators and since then it is growing very slowly up until March. In March 2022 they found a bit of traction and we noticed a week over week growth of 1-2% of new users adding to their Curators list.

We are also noticing few of the curators leaving in mid February as well as in late March. This shows a bit of churn in the DAO, which could be a good thing. New users seems to be interested to become curators, explore opportunities they have. Some of them are sticking to the role as they feel empowered to do what they like while others are leaving.

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